Lebanese Cuisine


    Food & Drink

    Lebanese Cuisine

    Past and Present

    Andree Maalouf; Karim Haidar

    Saqi 2010

    Hardback 176pp Illustrated 273x250mm

    9780863566448   Product Code: 24126

    The Mediterranean is a region of rich cuisines, and one of the finest is that of Lebanon. As the novelist Amin Maalouf points out in his preface to this well-photographed cookbook, the country's emigres have ensured its popularity as far afield as London, Paris and New York. More than 100 traditional recipes are reinterpreted here with a modern twist, including Coral Lentil Soup with Tomato; Tabbouleh; Squid with Garlic and Coriander; Fried Halloumi; and Pears in Arak.

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