Good Housekeeping Step-by-Step Cook Book

    Good Housekeeping Step-by-Step Cook Book

    Over 650 Easy-to-Follow Techniques and 400 Triple-Tested Recipes

    Good Housekeeping

    Good Housekeeping 2012

    Hardback 464pp Illustrated

    9781908449320   Product Code: 20190

    A cook's handbook as well as a great selection of 400 'triple-tested' recipes, this volume explains the basic techniques for preparing and cooking each type of food - for sauces and dressings, through fish, meat and poultry, to vegetables, fruit and nuts, deserts and baking - before moving on to the recipes. In step-by-step illustrations, it will show you, for example, how to cook with chocolate before you embark on that Chocolate Amaretti Tart.

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