Flavour First & Foremost

    Flavour First & Foremost

    A Fresh Take on Flavour: 100 Unforgettable Recipes

    Angelo Sosa; Suzanne Lenzer

    Kyle 2012

    Hardback 207pp Illustrated 280x170mm

    9780857830777   Product Code: 12043

    Cutting-edge chef Angelo Sosa is a master of flavour - his dishes combine ingredients in highly original ways with incredible results. Dishes such as Soy-Steeped Chicken with Tea Leaves, Tuna Ribbons with Crystallised Wasabi or Sweet Tomato Soup with Curried Whipped Cream are simultaneously familiar and unexpected, and draw on cuisines from all over the world. Here he shares his secrets and shows how easy it is to create original and exciting food at home.

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