Vintage Fashion: Knitwear

    Vintage Fashion: Knitwear

    Collecting and Wearing Designer Classics

    Marnie Fogg

    Lark Crafts 2010

    Hardback 224pp Illustrated 275x215mm

    9781600597138   Product Code: 23859

    Decade by decade, this sumptuously illustrated volume charts over 100 years of knitwear, from Chanel's cardigan suits of the 1920s and the expansion in ready-to-wear pieces in the 1950s, to Bill Gibb's ethnic 1970s designs and the 21st-century work of Mark Fast and Louise Goldin, among others. There are hundreds of photographs, of individual pieces and from contemporary publications, and profiles of key designers and fashion houses from each period. The guru of knitwear, Kaffe Fassett, provides a foreword.

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