Relics of the Past / Reliques du passe

    Relics of the Past / Reliques du passe

    The Benaki Museum Collections

    The Benaki Museum Collections; Ed. Anna Ballian

    Five Continents 2011

    Paperback 232pp Illustrated 283x240mm

    9788874395750   Product Code: 20013

    The catalogue of an exhibition of ecclesiastical art, Relics of the Past: Treasures of the Greek Orthodox Church and the Population Exchange, this volume underlines the cultural importance of religious artefacts. Essays on the displacement of Christian populations in the Aegean, Black Sea and Anatolian regions following the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne accompany detailed commentaries on 76 artefacts, including crosses, icons and liturgical vessels and vestments, taken by the refugees as they left their homelands. Texts in English and French.

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