The Borgias


    Modern History

    The Borgias

    The Hidden History

    GJ Meyer

    Bantam 2013

    Hardback 509pp Illustrated

    9780345526915   Product Code: 23299

    Setting aside the gossip and distortion that have shrouded the Borgias for centuries, Meyer's portrait of the great Renaissance family offers a new understanding of who the Borgias were and what they did. From the election of Alonso Borgia as pope in 1455, to the deaths of Cesare in 1507 and Lucrezia in 1519, the book is a history of popes, warriors, lovers and ambitious political adventurers based on a re-examination of the sources rather than 'established Borgia myth'. American-cut pages. Felt-tipped mark on lower trimmed edge and slightly off-mint.

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