Narrative of a Voyage Round the World (1823)


    Modern History

    Narrative of a Voyage Round the World (1823)

    J Arago

    Israel/Da Capo 1971

    Hardback 626pp Illustrated

    9789060720363   Product Code: 17106

    Prefaced by his short 'Report' to the Academy of Sciences, this is Arago's account of the French ship Uranie's voyage of scientific exploration, 1817-1820. Arago was draughtsman to the expedition and his narrative takes the form of letters to a friend describing the places and peoples encountered during the circumnavigation, including the Cape of Good Hope, the Moluccas, the Marianne Islands, New South Wales and the Falklands - without the 'barbarous and tiresome nautical details'. Facsimile reprint.

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