John Marsden's Will

    John Marsden's Will

    The Hornby Estate Case, 1780-1840

    Emmeline Garnett

    Hambledon 1998

    Hardback 228pp

    9781852851583   Product Code: 35555

    John Marsden (1758-1826) was a mentally impaired Lancashire gentleman, looked after by his aunt. A servant, George Wright, became the aunt's lover and steward of Marsden's estate. When the unmarried Marsden died, his will effectively left Hornby Castle to the steward. The will was contested by a cousin, Admiral Sandford Tatham, and the ensuing lawsuit became a legal cause celebre. Garnett tells the story of the 12-year-long legal battle and the personalities involved, drawing on lawyers' documents, depositions of witnesses and family letters.

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