Earls of Paradise

    Earls of Paradise

    England and the Dream of Perfection

    Adam Nicolson

    Harper 2008

    Hardback 298pp Illustrated

    9780007240524   Product Code: 67169

    'Driven by a hunger for the past and a fear of the future' in the words of Adam Nicolson, society in 16th and 17th century England cherished the ideal of Arcadia. From the birth of the English Renaissance in the 1520s to civil war in the 1640s, Nicolson's study explores that 'dream of perfection' through three generations of one family - the Earls of Pembroke - and their estate at Wilton, with its great house, manors, villages, parks and hunting grounds on the Wiltshire downs. Please note that this is the UK edition of 76273 Quarrel with the King.

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