Captains Contentious

    Captains Contentious

    The Disfunctional Sons of the Brine

    Louis Arthur Norton

    South Carolina University Press 2009

    Hardback 185pp

    9781570038075   Product Code: 91453

    The American War of Independence was won as much at sea as on land, an achievement due in part to a remarkable quintet of naval commanders: John Manley, Silas Talbot, Dudley Saltonstall, Joshua Barney and John Paul Jones. Yet these men were anything but flawless heroes, as this gripping psychological history, punctuated by fast-paced naval battles, reveals. Arrogant and quarrelsome, they disobeyed their government and antagonized their fellow officers, while their lust for glory often brought them to the brink of disaster. Felt-tip mark on upper trimmed edge.

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