A Voyage Round the World (1816)

    A Voyage Round the World (1816)

    From 1806-1812

    Archibald Campbell

    Israel/Da Capo 1969

    Hardback 288pp

    9785518915817   Product Code: 17114

    Born at Wyndford, near Glasgow in 1787, Archibald Campbell went to sea in 1800 and returned to Glasgow in 1812, having lost both his feet. He came to the notice of his editor, James Smith, while playing violin for passengers aboard Clyde steamers. Here, as related to Smith, are accounts of Campbell's travels and adventures as a common sailor - to China, Japan, Russia and Kamschatka, Kodiac and the Sandwich Islands, which Campbell described in great detail. Facsimile reprint of the first edition.

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