A History of Britain

    A History of Britain

    Book IV: The Stuarts, Cromwell and the Glorious Revolution

    EH Carter; RAF Mears; David Evans

    Stacey International 2010

    Hardback 183pp Illustrated

    9781906768232   Product Code: 11829

    First published in 1937 and used in schools for decades, Carter and Mears's A History of Britain tells the story of the British Isles as a straightforward chronological narrative. In fast-paced prose, it provides a coherent sequence of events, while incorporating major social changes and developments in the arts and religion. Revived in response to a perceived need for a return to the connected, fact-based teaching of history, the series has been expertly revised by David Evans, former Head of History at Eton. No jacket.

    Book IV covers the 17th century, from the accession of James I to the reign of William and Mary and the treaty of Utrecht in 1713.

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