The Wollaton Medieval Manuscripts

    The Wollaton Medieval Manuscripts

    Texts, Owners and Readers

    Ralph Hanna; Thorlac Turville-Petre

    York Medieval 2010

    Hardback 160pp Illustrated 310x235mm

    9781903153345   Product Code: 23141

    The extensive manuscript library built up by the Willoughby family of Wollaton, Nottinghamshire, from the time of Willoughby the Builder (1546-1596) is the subject of this scholarly volume. Seven essays explore the history of the library, the art and function of the Wollaton Antiphonal, works of pastoral instruction, the decoration of French manuscripts and the conservation of the collection. Parts II and III comprise a detailed catalogue, 28 colour plates and 16 monochrome reproductions.

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