The Hidden Treasures of Timbuktu

    The Hidden Treasures of Timbuktu

    Rediscovering Africa's Literary Culture

    John O Hunwick; Alida Jay Boye

    Thames & Hudson 2008

    Hardback 176pp Illustrated 318x238mm

    9780500514214   Product Code: 22118

    For centuries, camel caravans made epic journeys across the Sahara to reach the markets of the legendary city of Timbuktu, where they traded salt, gold, slaves, textiles - and books. By the mid-15th century, Timbuktu had become a major centre of Islamic literary culture and scholarship, with libraries of Arabic and Islamic writings and classical Greek and Roman works in exquisitely crafted manuscripts. The manuscripts, libraries and scholars are the focus of this study and photographic portrait of the city today.

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