Murder in the First-Class Carriage



    Murder in the First-Class Carriage

    The First Victorian Railway Killing

    Kate Colquhoun

    Overlook 2011

    Hardback 349pp

    9781590206751   Product Code: 23198

    On 9 July 1864, Thomas Briggs boarded the 9.45pm from Fenchurch Street, bound for Chalk Farm. Ten minutes later at Hackney Wick, all that remained of Mr Briggs was a lot of blood, his empty leather bag and ivory-topped cane and somebody else's hat. It was Britain's first railway murder and the public were gripped by this 'terrible drama of real life'. Evoking its Victorian setting, this book is an enthralling retelling of the crime and the hunt for the killer. Previously in Postscript as Mr Briggs's Hat.

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