The Queens of Ancient Egypt


    Ancient History

    The Queens of Ancient Egypt

    Suzanne Mubarak; Dorothea Arnold; Rosanna Pirelli

    American Uni in Cairo 2008

    Hardback 272pp Illustrated 363x261mm

    9789774161650   Product Code: 80481

    Were Egyptian queens ever the equal in authority of their male counterparts? Drawing on written sources, archaeological research, artworks and religious texts, this book examines the roles of a queen - as pharoah's consort, mother of kings, priestess, regent for a minor or, like Hapshetsut, ruler in her own right. It is also a celebration of ancient Egypt's conception of female beauty, with over 250 photographs of artefacts depicting queens from Merineith in the archaic period to Cleopatra VII and the Ptolemaic queens.

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