Red-Color News Soldier

    Red-Color News Soldier

    A Chinese Photographer's Odyssey through the Cultural Revolution

    Li Zhensheng

    Phaidon 2003

    Paperback 316pp Illustrated 248x188mm

    9780714843087   Product Code: 23472

    Li Zhensheng was a news photographer in Harbin in the northern Chinese province of Heilongjiang from the mid-1960s to 1980. In photographs that had to be kept hidden he documented the rallies, denouncements, public humiliations and executions that characterized the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Presented in chronological order and accompanied by text adapted from his interviews with Jacques Menasche, the photographs are a rare glimpse of the 'madness' of 1966-1976. Introduction by Jonathan D Spence. Off-mint.

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