Postcards from Checkpoint Charlie

    Postcards from Checkpoint Charlie

    Andrew Roberts

    Bodleian 2008

    Hardback 112pp Illustrated 125x170mm

    9781851243228   Product Code: 16507

    Between 1945 and 1961, around 2.5 million people fled East Germany in search of freedom. The Communist authorities' answer to the problem was to construct the Berlin wall in August 1961. Arranged chronologically, and accompanied by informative captions, the 50 postcards reproduced here tell the story of this most visible manifestation of the Cold War, from 1945 to German reunification in October 1990.

    Part of series surveying 20th century history, political iconography and propaganda through contemporary images, these 50 postcards are reproduced, with short commentaries, from originals in the John Fraser Collection at the Bodleian Library.

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