The Canticle of the Birds

    The Canticle of the Birds

    Illustrated Through Persian and Eastern Islamic Art

    Farid-od-Din 'Attar

    Diane de Selliers 2013

    Hardback 448pp Illustrated 330x243mm

    9782364370319   Product Code: 22163

    This medieval Sufi epic of mystical initiation tells the story of the world's birds in their quest for the Supreme Being. They are led by the Hoopoe, who alone knows the name and location of the godhead: the Simorgh or Firebird. Translated into English verse by Afkham Darbandi and Dick Davis, the poem is accompanied by images from Persian and other Islamic manuscripts, chosen to reflect the symbolism of the poem, and by essays on the poet, the Canticle and the Simorgh. Slip-cased.

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