My Jacqueline Wilson Treasury

    My Jacqueline Wilson Treasury

    Jacqueline Wilson

    Doubleday 2014

    Hardback 304pp Illustrated 253x193mm

    9780857534224   Product Code: 23490

    One of the bestselling authors in the country, Jacqueline Wilson has won great acclaim for how her much-loved books help children get to grips with challenging issues such as bereavement and divorce. This collection includes some of her most famous characters, and is illustrated throughout by her regular artist Nick Sharratt. The six stories are 'Sleepovers', 'The Mum-Minder', 'The Cat Mummy', 'Odd One Out', 'Lizzie Zipmouth' and 'Tracy Beaker's Thumping Heart', starring her most celebrated creation. Age 7-9

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