Around the World in Eighty Days

    Around the World in Eighty Days

    Jules Verne; Illus. Robert Ingpen

    Templar 2011

    Hardback 224pp Illustrated

    9781848776203   Product Code: 93768

    To fulfil a wager made at the Reform Club in London, Phileas Fogg and his long-suffering manservant, Passepartout, embark on the race of a lifetime - to circumnavigate the globe in exactly 80 days. Travelling by steamboat, train and elephant (no aeroplanes in 1872), with adventures at every turn and Inspector Fix of Scotland Yard in hot pursuit - will they make it back in time? Jules Verne's wonderful story is presented here in a handsome edition, with over 70 illustrations by Robert Ingpen. Age 9+

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