Rivers of Britain

    Rivers of Britain

    Estuaries, Tideways, Havens, Lochs, Firths and Kyles

    Stuart Fisher

    Adlard Coles Nautical 2012

    Paperback 304pp Illustrated 297x210mm

    9781408146569   Product Code: 18265

    From the industrial thoroughfares of the Thames and the Clyde to deserted marshy flats and picturesque Cornish inlets, the tidal waterways and estuaries of Britain have much to offer the visitor whether their interest is in history, nature or sport and recreation. Researched 'from the water' by boating writer Stuart Fisher, this guide offers information for walkers, cyclists, boaters and general tourists, with historical notes, scenic photography, maps, references to Admiralty charts and information about tides.

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