The Letters of TS Eliot

    The Letters of TS Eliot

    Volume II: 1923-1925

    Valerie Eliot; Hugh Haughton

    Faber 2009

    Hardback 912pp Illustrated

    9780571140817   Product Code: 19575

    TS Eliot entrusted the selection and editing of his letters to his wife Valerie, and in these volumes she presents the correspondence in chronological order, with detailed notes and, at the end of each volume, biographical notes on the correspondents, an index of correspondents and a general index.

    The prolific and varied correspondence in this second volume reflects Eliot's profoundly influential work as editor of the Criterion and cultural commentator. It demonstrates not only the emerging continuities between his thinking as poet and essayist, but also their relation to his friendships and personal circumstances.

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