Ryszard Kapuscinski

    Ryszard Kapuscinski

    A Life

    Artur Domoslawski

    Verso 2012

    Hardback 464pp Illustrated

    9781844678587   Product Code: 19302

    Reporting from war-torn Congo, revolutionary Iran, Ethiopia and the dictatorships of Latin America, the Polish journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski (1932-2007) was one of the most influential witnesses of the 20th century, creating literary reportage in the tradition of Orwell and Camus. In this biography, fellow journalist Artur Domoslawski follows in his mentor's globetrotting footsteps, delves into archives, and interviews Kapuscinski's interviewees to create this portrait of a charismatic, private, curiosity-driven man living on the fault-lines of a dangerous world.

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