Mr Benett of Wiltshire

    Mr Benett of Wiltshire

    The Life of a County Member of Parliament, 1773-1852

    Robert Moody

    Hobnob 2005

    Paperback 344pp

    9780946418404   Product Code: 83730

    Architect, writer, farmer and statesman, John Benett was a pioneer of agricultural reform and a fiercely independent politician through the turbulent years of the early 19th century. Vilified by Cobbett and Hunt, injured during the machine-breaking riots of 1830, he was more than a match for his opponents, whether debating the Reform Bill in Parliament or busying himself on his Wiltshire estate. Drawing on hitherto untapped sources, this painstaking and sympathetic biography offers a long-overdue reassessment of an extraordinary man.

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