How to Survive the Titanic



    How to Survive the Titanic

    The Sinking of J Bruce Ismay

    Frances Wilson

    Harper Perennial 2011

    Paperback 348pp Illustrated

    9780062094551   Product Code: 16788

    As the Titanic slid beneath the waves, its owner, J Bruce Ismay, jumped into a lifeboat and was rowed to safety. But if Ismay survived, his reputation did not. Condemned by an inquiry and vilified in the press, he became a guilt-ridden recluse. Drawing on his unpublished letters to Marion Thayer, with whom he had fallen in love on the voyage, this insightful, perceptive account unravels the reasons behind his jump and his struggle to live with its aftermath. Felt-tip mark on lower trimmed edge.

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