Tri-ang Hornby

    Tri-ang Hornby

    The Story of Rovex: Volume 2 1965-1971

    Pat Hammond

    New Cavendish 2005

    Hardback 519pp Illustrated 210x280mm

    9781872727585   Product Code: 52310

    Tri-ang Railways began as a cheap train set produced for Marks and Spencer, but developed into the largest range of locomotives, rolling stock, buildings and track available in Britain. The Story of Rovex trilogy traces the history of this famous model railway system and presents detailed, illustrated directories of models, operating equipment, track and buildings.

    Volume 2 takes up the story in 1965 after Tri-ang Railways had changed its name to Tri-ang Hornby to placate the public following 'Lines Bros' decision' to cease production of Hornby-Dublo.

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