The Elegance of the Cat

    The Elegance of the Cat

    An Illustrated History

    Tamsin Pickeral; Photo. Astrid Harrisson

    Barron's 2013

    Hardback 288pp Illustrated 288x237mm

    9780764166150   Product Code: 23216

    Beguiling beauty, fierce independence and aloof intelligence characterize man's feline companions. Tamsin Pickeral's celebration of these intriguing animals describes their journey from the wild to comfortable domestic existence, and from glory days as gods in ancient Egypt to rat-catching aboard creaking ships bound for America. The book tells the stories behind more than 50 breeds of cat, ancient and modern, common and rare, accompanied by over 150 glorious photographs that capture the cat's elegance and spirit. Previously sold in Postscript as The Grace of the Cat.

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