Bugs Britannica

    Bugs Britannica

    Peter Marren; Richard Mabey

    Chatto & Windus 2010

    Hardback 512pp Illustrated 280x215mm

    9780701181802   Product Code: 93610

    Like its companion volumes, Flora Britannica and Birds Britannica, this is a richly illustrated cultural, rather than biological guide. Here, British bugs are seen through the eyes of writers, musicians, artists, photographers and naturalists, from Elizabethan proto-entomologist Thomas Muffet (father of Little Miss Muffet) to Irvine Welsh's talking tapeworm in Filth. The result is a beguiling look at some of our 40,000 species of invertebrates - from amoebas, through worms, ants and earwigs, butterflies and beetles to molluscs - and the eccentricities of some human bug obsessives.

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