Aristocrats: Power, Grace and Decadence

    Aristocrats: Power, Grace and Decadence

    Britain's Great Ruling Classes from 1066 to the Present

    Lawrence James

    Abacus 2010

    Paperback 446pp Illustrated 197x126mm

    9780349119571   Product Code: 11066

    For almost a millennium, Britain was governed by a small coterie of aristocrats whose power could make or break kings, forged an empire and created the world's first industrial nation. This colourful narrative history traces this network of interlinked families, examining its code of honour and public duty, its acquisitiveness and greed. It also demonstrates how, despite having relinquished much of its power, the aristocracy has shaped the nation, and continues to fascinate and appal in equal measure. Previously sold in Postscript in hardback edition.

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