Margaret Bourke-White



    Margaret Bourke-White

    Moments in History

    Olivia Maria Rubio; Sean M Quimby; Eva Bermejo

    La Fabrica 2013

    Hardback 192pp Illustrated 258x218mm

    9781938922121   Product Code: 23992

    Born in the Bronx, Margaret Bourke-White (1904-1971) was a pioneering photojournalist who had, in her own words, 'an insatiable desire to be on the scene when history was being made'. With essays by Rubio and Quimby, this book brings together some of the images she captured at key moments of the 20th century, among them Germany and the USSR in 1930-32, Czechoslovakia in 1938, the opening of Buchenwald concentration camp and Germany in the aftermath of war, 1945.

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