Ingrid Bergman: A Life in Pictures


    Photography Film

    Ingrid Bergman: A Life in Pictures

    1915-1982 Stockholm, Berlin, Hollywood, Rome, New York, Paris, London

    Isabella Rossellini; Lothar Schirmer

    Chronicle 2015

    Paperback 528pp Illustrated 290x225mm

    9781452149554   Product Code: 23218

    From early photographs in Sweden, to her last formal portrait, taken by Lord Snowden in 1982, this volume follows the life and career of Ingrid Bergman (1915-1982) in over 350 photographs. Accompanied by an interview with John Kobal and texts by Robert Capa, John Updike, Martha Gellhorn and others, the photographs show Bergman on and off-set in all her major films, with family and friends, and in her final role, as Golda Meir in A Woman Called Golda (1982). Felt-tip mark on upper trimmed edge.

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