Amazing Insects

    Amazing Insects

    The Secret World of Invertebrates

    Jean-Claude Teyssier; Jean-Henri Fabre

    New Holland 2009

    Hardback 192pp Illustrated 333x290mm

    9781847735164   Product Code: 72205

    Crickets, wasps, caterpillars and spiders, firebugs and honeybees... Jean-Claude Teyssier's photography offers a close-up view of the strange and colourful world of insects. In over 200 striking images, taken in the wild, this book explores the lives of invertebrates through the seasons, from a cicada undergoing its dramatic metamorphosis into adulthood to a female mantis eating her mate. The informed and engaging text accompanying these remarkable photographs is by the naturalist, entomologist and poet, Jean-Henri Fabre.

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