The World's Most Influential Fashion Designers




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    The World's Most Influential Fashion Designers

    Hidden Connections and Lasting Legacies of Fashion's Iconic Creators

    Noel Palomo-Lovinski

    A&C Black 2010

    Paperback 192pp Illustrated 264x220mm

    9781408127605   Product Code: 11867

    In this illustrated survey of 50 of the world's most influential designers, Palomo-Lovinski explores the hidden connections and lasting legacies of these iconic fashion creators. The book is in six themed chapters: designers as celebrities, such as Lagerfeld and Tom Ford; those, like Coco Chanel, who defined women for a new generation; artisans such as Fortuny and Issey Miyake; the futurists, led by Pierre Cardin; modernists and postmodernists; and conceptualists such as Schiaparelli and McQueen.

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