The Day of the Peacock


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    History of fashion

    The Day of the Peacock

    Style for Men 1963 - 1973

    Geoffrey Aquilina Ross

    V&A 2011

    Hardback 144pp Illustrated 268x213mm

    9781851776009   Product Code: 17049

    In the 1960s, men's fashion witnessed an extraordinary rebirth that media commentators described as the Peacock Revolution. This richly illustrated book recalls the shops, celebrity photographers, tailors and fashionable dressers who made up 'the scene'. The photographs and ephemera, drawn from the V&A's superb archives, evoke the Sixties atmosphere of optimism and opportunity and include some of the era's most stylish figures, among them David Hemmings, Ossie Clark and Patrick Lichfield and iconic shops such as Blades and Mr Fish.

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