Aloys Gangkofner: Glass and Light

    Aloys Gangkofner: Glass and Light

    Works through Four Decades

    Ilsebill Gangkofner

    Prestel 2009

    Hardback 256pp Illustrated 300x240mm

    9783791341934   Product Code: 80633

    The name of Aloys Gangkofner is well-known to collectors of post-war glass. Born in the Bavarian Forest region, where much of Germany's finest glassworks are produced, Gangkofner taught artistic glass design at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts for over four decades. His experimental one-of-a-kind pieces, executed by glass-blowers at the Lamberts Glassworks in Waldsassen, made him famous worldwide. His deft handling of form earned him acclaim and numerous awards. This monograph traces Gangkofner'scollaboration not only with Lamberts Glassworks but also with the Hesse Glassworks in Stierstadt and the work he did with lighting manufacturers Peill + Putzler and ERCO-where Gangkofner was the first designer. This volume features many of the commissions Gangkofner executed for public spaces, of which only a few have survived. It also examines Gangkofner's influential teaching career. Gangkofner's industrial and artistic design has made him an important force in the development of glassworks and lighting as we know them today.

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