William Orpen: An Onlooker in France

    William Orpen: An Onlooker in France

    A Critical Edition of the Artist's War Memoirs

    Robert Upstone; Angela Weight

    Paul Holberton 2008

    Hardback 232pp Illustrated 255x190mm

    9781903470671   Product Code: 98374

    William Orpen was the only official war artist to publish an extensive memoir of his experience in the First World War. He was a talented and shrewd writer and his compelling narrative, which first appeared in 1921, described both the trenches and battlefields and the more comfortable life at Haig and Foch's headquarters. An Onlooker in France is presented here, with an introductory essay by Robert Upstone, commentary and reproductions of 75 drawings and paintings by Orpen.

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