The Eye and the Word

    The Eye and the Word

    Collected Writings on Art and Literature. The Gagosian Edition

    Werner Spies

    Berlin University Press 2008

    Hardback 4500pp

    9780810998353   Product Code: 98975

    This set of ten volumes brings together seminal works on the art and literature of the 20th century by the renowned German art historian Werner Spies. Vols 1 and 2: Max Ernst Collages. Vol 3: Max Ernst - From Material to Style. Vol 4: Picasso - The Sculptures. Vol 5: The Continent Named Picasso. Vol 6: Paths to the 20th Century. Vol 7: Surrealism and its Age. Vol 8: Between Action Painting and Pop Art. Vol 9: From Pop Art to the Present. Vol 10: Literature and Business. Boxed set.

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