The Art of Mantua



    The Art of Mantua

    Power and Patronage in the Renaissance

    Barbara Furlotti; Guido Rebecchini

    The J Paul Getty Museum 2008

    Hardback 278pp Illustrated 320x280mm

    9780892368402   Product Code: 21155

    From the legend of its origin, as told by Dante, through the medieval period and the Renaissance, up to the sack of Mantua in 1627 and the demise of the Gonzaga dynasty, this volume interweaves the story of the city and its ruling family with the art and artists who flourished there. Andrea Mantegna, Correggio, Titian, Giulio Romano and Andrea del Sarto are among the artists whose works are discussed and illustrated, along with architectural achievements including Romano's Palazzo Te.

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