Samurai, Stars of the Stage, and Beautiful Women

    Samurai, Stars of the Stage, and Beautiful Women

    Kunisada and Kuniyoshi: Masters of the Colour Woodblock

    Stiftung Museum Kunstpalast; Gunda Luyken; Beat Wismer

    Hatje Cantz 2012

    Hardback 306pp Illustrated 278x248mm

    9783775732390   Product Code: 21438

    Originating as souvenirs of popular theatre performances, inexpensive woodcut prints of the actors appearing in these dramas became a highly popular art form in Japan in the 19th century. Kunisada and Kuniyoshi were two of the leading exponents of the medium. This exhibition catalogue gives a comprehensive view of their work through over 450 colour illustrations together with essays introducing Japanese popular culture in the 19th century and explaining the legends and plays depicted.

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