Rookwood and the Industry of Art

    Rookwood and the Industry of Art

    Nancy E Owen

    Ohio University Press 2001

    Hardback 335pp Illustrated 240x177mm

    9780821413371   Product Code: 88610

    Rookwood Pottery of Cincinnati--the largest, longest-lasting, & arguably most important American Art Pottery--reflected the country's cultural & commercial milieux in the production, marketing, & consumption of its own products. Rookwood & the Industry of Art is a critical appreciation of Rookwood's rise to its commercial pinnacle, assessing the labor practices & production of ceramic ware as a way to explore anxiety about women's roles outside the home as well as about industrialization, immigration, & urbanization. In this lavishly illustrated study, Nancy Owen analyzes the discrepancies between the concepts of fine art & culture & the managerial positioning of the firm as "an artist's studio, not a factory." Owen also looks at the meaning of Americanness as portrayed in the choices of decoration & in the marketing campaigns that sought to elevate the ceramic ware to an artform. For the collector as well as the cultural historian, Rookwood & the Industry of Art is a revealing & sensitive treatment of this uniquely American commercial & artistic phenomenon.

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