Public Sculpture of Historic Westminster: Volume One





    Public Sculpture of Historic Westminster: Volume One

    Public Sculpture of Britain Volume Fourteen

    Philip Ward-Jackson

    Liverpool University Press 2011

    Paperback 544pp Illustrated 217x247mm

    9781846316913   Product Code: 24139

    The Public Monuments and Sculpture Association was founded in 1991 to encourage the study and conservation of Britain's public sculpture and commemorative and decorative monuments. The volumes of its National Recording Project provide detailed catalogues of significant sculptures, excluding works in art galleries and museums. Each book comprises an introduction to the region; illustrated entries on individual works arranged by location; biographies of the artists; and a glossary and index.

    The first volume on Westminster covers the whole range of commemorative monuments, fountains and free-standing works of art, but excludes sculptures that are integral to buildings.

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