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    Paintings for the Planet King

    Philip IV and the Buen Retiro Palace

    Andres Ubeda de los Cobos

    Paul Holberton 2005

    Paperback 304pp Illustrated 300x243mm

    9781903470428   Product Code: 12051

    Between 1633 and 1640, King Philip IV of Spain had the Buen Retiro Palace built in Madrid and filled with the work of Europe's leading artists. The palace was destroyed in the early 19th century, but a major exhibition at the Prado has recreated its decorative scheme. This magnificently illustrated catalogue features more than 60 works, many newly identified, X-rayed and restored, including paintings by Leonardo, Poussin, Claude Lorraine, Velazquez and Zurbaran, and explains their role in the palace decor.

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