One Lump or Two

    One Lump or Two

    Tea, Twinings and Edward Bawden with Limericks by AJA Symons

    Peyton Skipwith; Illus. Edward Bawden; Ed. Tim Mainstone

    Mainstone 2010

    Paperback 48pp Illustrated 297x135mm

    9780955277757   Product Code: 23892

    During the 1920s and 1930s, Edward Bawden was commissioned to produce advertising illustrations for Twinings tea and coffee; drawings that were to accompany limericks by AJA Symons, the well-known author, dandy and epicure. As well as reproducing Bawden's advertisements and other drawings for tea companies, this tall, thin volume contains an essay by Peyton Skipwith and A Short History of Tea, originally issued by the Empire Tea Market Expansion Board in 1936.

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