Italian Master Drawings





    Italian Master Drawings

    From the Wolfgang Ratjen Collection 1525-1835

    Hugo Chapman; David Lachenmann

    Paul Holberton 2011

    Hardback 180pp Illustrated 315x240mm

    9781907372216   Product Code: 24900

    Arranged chronologically from the late Renaissance to the rise of Neoclassicism - from Giulio Romano's The Four Elements (c.1530) to Duranti's Falsehood Is the Cause of All Evil (1835/45) - this handsome volume includes works by Vasari, Piranesi and Tiepolo and Canaletto's wonderful The Feast of 'Fat Thursday' in Venice. David Lachenmann's essay on Wolfgang Ratjen and his collection is followed by the catalogue of 65 drawings, with commentaries and fine reproductions of the works and associated sketches.

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