Fifty Ship Paintings by Francis Hustwick (1797-1865)



    Fifty Ship Paintings by Francis Hustwick (1797-1865)

    Marine Art and Liverpool - a Postscript

    AS Davidson; Anthony Tibbles

    Jones-Sands 1999

    Paperback 96pp Illustrated 298x210mm

    9790947764776   Product Code: 22478

    The discovery of a hidden signature on a number of paintings led to the identification of Francis Hustwick and the establishment of his oeuvre from a collection of unattributed canvases. This illustrated examination of 50 pictures, mostly made in the vicinity of the port of Liverpool in the mid-19th century, explains how Hustwick's 'rebus' - an anachronistic red ensign - was recognized, and the subsequent detective work that brought to light the career of the previously obscure painter.

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