Fernand Leger: Paris-New York



    Fernand Leger: Paris-New York

    Paris - New York

    Fondation Beyeler

    Fondation Beyeler 2008

    Paperback 208pp Illustrated 304x245mm

    9783905632675   Product Code: 88257

    The theme of the Fernand leger: Paris - New York exhibition (Foundation Beyeler, Basel 2008) was Leger's impact on American art, and in this accompanying volume a number of scholarly essays discuss the impression America made on Leger as well as his influence on American artists. Following the main catalogue with its essays and 75 reproductions, a final section presents 14 paintings by Leger alongside those of American artists including Ellworth Kelly, Kenneth Nolan and Rauschenberg and a 1997 interview with Roy Lichtenstein.

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