Emperor Maximilian I and the Age of Durer




    History of art: 1400-1600

    Emperor Maximilian I and the Age of Durer

    Eva Michel; Maria Luise Sternath

    Prestel 2012

    Hardback 432pp Illustrated 300x255mm

    9783791351728   Product Code: 19794

    The Austrian Emperor Maximilian I (1469-1519) was a master of self-presentation, employing the greatest artists of the day such as Durer and Altdorfer to promote his image and that of the Habsburg dynasty. Produced in conjunction with a major exhibition at the Albertina in Vienna, this magnificent volume contains essays exploring Maximilian's personality, his reign and his sponsorship of the arts, along with a fully illustrated catalogue of hundreds of paintings, drawings, sculptures, manuscripts and objets d'art.

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