Carved Splendour: Late Gothic Altarpieces



    Carved Splendour: Late Gothic Altarpieces

    in Southern Germany, Austria and South Tirol

    Rainer Kahsnitz

    J Paul Getty Museum 2006

    Hardback 480pp Illustrated 322x270mm

    9780892368532   Product Code: 21433

    Carved in wood, painted and gilded, winged altar retables were by far the most elaborate works of art of the Gothic period, and most churches in the pre-Reformation period were richly decorated with them - the cathedral in Ulm had 50. Following his detailed introduction, Professor Kahsnitz presents 22 of the most outstanding examples of winged altarpieces, photographed in great detail by Achim Bunz, with analysis of their architecture, iconography and art historical context. Translation by Russell Stockman. Slip-cased.

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