Broad Spectrum

    Broad Spectrum

    Studies in the Materials, Techniques and Conservation of Color

    Harriet K Stratis; Britt Salvensen

    Archetype 2002

    Hardback 263pp Illustrated 304x215mm

    9781873132579   Product Code: 81308

    This volume comprises papers from a conference on 'The Art and Science of Conserving Colored Media on Paper' (The Art Institute of Chicago, 1999). The 37 illustrated essays by conservators, curators and art historians are in five sections - Pastel and Chalk; Watercolour and Ink; 19th and 20th century materials; the materials of Asian art; and the assessment of fading - and cover topics including traditional Japanese prints, Whistler's drawings, the historical development of watercolour and Gauguin's 'printing' experiments.

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